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Adventure Aquarium


Whatever you do, remember to breathe!

You may just forget once you dive into the Adventure Aquarium — the most exciting underwater experience you can have without growing gills! Once you enter, you're in their world now! You’ll find yourself surrounded by over two-dozen sharks in the new 550,000-gallon Shark Realm. Then, dive into the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean in the new 4-D Theater - presented by PSE&G - and come face-to-teeth with some of the most amazing underwater creatures known to man!

With nearly double its previous exhibit space and a host of new creatures from land, air and sea, Adventure Aquarium will lead you through an underwater world complete with the West African River Experience (home to the only two hippos inside an aquarium and a free-flight aviary), a 40-foot, walk-through shark tunnel and the Jules Verne Gallery, where you will discover all kinds of exotic and wonderful animals.

Adventure Aquarium
One Aquarium Drive
Camden, NJ 08103