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Adventure Aquarium's new frog exhibit will have everyone saying ´ribbit'

By Yael Tsarfati, 21st Century Media

When you think of a simple frog in your backyard, excitement doesn’t usually follow. But this year at Adventure Aquarium, that’s about to change. Frogs may be simple creatures, but each kind is unique with its own set of quirks. There are more than 20 different species of frogs that come in all different colors and sizes.

You can experience them all at “Frogs: Nature’s Messenger,” the incredible new frog exhibit at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, running from Jan. 17 to April 27. That gives you plenty of time to check out Mother Nature’s fascinating creatures.

Adventure Aquarium’s Executive Director Kevin Keppel said, “This year is ‘respect the frog.’ Frogs may be small, but they’re really a big deal because there are so many different kinds of frogs.”

He went on to say, “I think a lot of people don’t know how diverse frogs can be and all the unique things that they’re able to do. So we thought it was a pretty special story that we wanted to tell.”

Each frog tells its own story and is a fascinating animal. Frogs can jump great distances and catch insects with their tongues. Some, like the African bullfrog, can be as big as a dinner plate and can swallow a mouse whole. You can come up close to this “big guy,” who will make your typical backyard toad look like a joke.

Keppel talked about his favorite frog: “I think that, growing up, your general conception of a frog is what you see in your backyard. To see frogs that evolved to be that large just astounds me, so the African bullfrog is my favorite.”

Other than being different sizes, frogs come in every color of the rainbow. Some even change color based on the time of day and stress level, like the hourglass tree frog.

One of the most fascinating frogs is the polka dot tree frog because you can see its heart, liver and other internal organs through its transparent belly.

Frogs are built for survival, with remarkable features like sticky tongues to catch prey, breathable skin to absorb moisture and oxygen, and powerful back legs for jumping. Frogs are also designed to detect predators for protection. Some are even poisonous, like poison dart frogs that can paralyze and kill by secreting poison through their skin.

But don’t be fooled; even though frogs are built for survival, their sensitive skin, which absorbs toxins, makes them an endangered species.

“Changes in the atmosphere or in the water in their environment will immediately affect them, and it’s really knocked down frog populations around the world,” Keppel said.

Hopefully, this exhibit will have everyone appreciating the frog, which has been taken for granted. This endangered animal deserves to be protected.

“Nature’s Messenger” is visually stunning and will have kids and adults wanting more. The red-eyed tree frog, the tiger-legged monkey frog and the enormous African bullfrog will leave Kermit the frog saying, “I wish I was that cool.” Even though you can’t touch the frogs, you get pretty close to them. You will be able to admire their vivid colors and hear the interesting sounds that they make to communicate with each other.

Keppel described their intricate designs by saying, “Some of these frogs are as ornate as fine china. The detail, coloration, design and patterns on them are amazing. We’ll be bringing them out, so you can get up close and see what amazing creatures they are.”

If you want the chance to be face-to-face with amazing frogs that each have a story to tell, don’t miss “Frogs: Nature’s Messenger” at Adventure Aquarium.

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