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Bulldog Bikes Hybrid Tour

Bulldog Bikes, Inc. proudly present the Hybrid Tour, the illest BMX-Music-Car Show-experiential tour on planet! The tour features the top underground bands on planet. Including:

Game Rebellion - the NYC kings of  hiprock,  they were recently featured as part of ‘The Freshmen’ on MTV2.

Stateside - Leading the charge in NYC’s punk-pop scene, this band has been steadily gaining a huge fan base and much deserved notoriety. 

Also performing Bunjii and legendary DJ Jay Ski with special guest appearances.

The car show features the legendary Chrome Kings Car Club. Hailing from Camden, NJ, Chrome Kings reinvented the southern style ‘donk car’ to have a 30 inch lift off the ground. They have been featured in many car aficionado magazines including, DUB and Ride.

Headlining the Hybrid Tour are the urban underground kings of BMX, the Bulldog Bikes exhibition team. Our show consists of the Bulldog Bikes freestyle team flying through the air with simultaneous performances by a hip-hop MC and a turntable freestyle DJ spinning Hip-Hop, Rock and Punk, interacting with the riders in a call and response format,  all happening in 30 minutes of non-stop action. This is the most unique show in all of BMX. The Bulldog Bikes team has performed at the Afro-Punk Festival, Vibe Awards, Kicker Big Air Bash, ASA Action Sports Tour (in the Mall of America), Camp Jeep, USA CRITS and the X-Games.

This tour was born out of a discussion one day that started because we felt that there was event that had a little bit of everything. We have done events that have either showcased music or BMX/action sports. What we didn’t see is a tour property that featured both equally. That being said, the Hybrid Tour is designed to reflect all that we are and all that we love; a multicultural property built from blending the energy and culture of hip-hop and punk rock with the passion and edge of BMX/action sports and an urban attitude. Although we are headquartered in New York City, we decided that Philadelphia/Camden was the best place to launch the tour because Bulldog Bikes CEO/Founder Jimmy Mac grew up in the area and it’s the birthplace for his inspiration for the company and brand. 

“We are very excited the Bulldog Bikes Hybrid Tour is coming to the Camden Waterfront. It will no doubt be an entertaining event that will bring many new visitors to our city.”

  • Jake Gordon, Cooper's Ferry Development Association/Camden Waterfront

For more information on Bulldog Bikes, please visit our websitewww.bulldogbikesworldwide.com

For all PR inquiries contact Franchella Slater at 610.656.9089 orpr@bulldogbikesworldwide.com


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