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Call for Food Trucks- Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

The Parking Authority of the Camden City is issuing a request for mobile food trucks to provide

unique, high quality, and sustainable food options at the Camden Waterfront. Completed RFPs

are due by 4PM on Friday, March 21, 2014. Contact information is in the enclosed document.


Food Trucks at the Camden Waterfront

Food Truck Vending on The Camden Waterfront will begin on Tuesday, April 8th and last until

September 23rd. All vendors must contract with the Parking Authority of Camden City. The

application and approval process are attached.

Vending on the waterfront will take place on Tuesday from 10:30 am- 2:30 pm. All mobile food

truck vending will take place in parking lot 7 across from Adventure Aquarium.

Respondents selected will be required to commit to one month, payment upfront. There may be

the option to vend for additional dates and months, depending on the number of respondents.

A food truck is defined as a licensed, self-contained, motorized vehicle, which is temporarily

stored on a privately-owned lot where food items are sold to the general public.


The Camden Waterfront :  WWW.CamdenWaterfront.com

Downtown Camden attracts a diverse mix of students, residents and employees to its schools,

businesses, and Waterfront each year. Downtown Camden is home to Rutgers, Rowan, Camden

County College and the new Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, educating over 11,000

students. In addition to its flourishing education and private sector institutions, a variety of special

events and attractions that draw visitors and residents to the Camden Waterfront. Last year, over 3

million people visited The Waterfront for concerts, special events and year-round attractions. With

an exciting summer schedule already organized for 2013, the coming months promise to draw

record crowds to the Downtown and Waterfront.

In addition to working closely with all Camden Waterfront partners, the Camden Waterfront works

closely with the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, in Philadelphia, to partner on events that

bring people to both sides of the river. Partner events are branded as Two Cities. One Waterfront.

A growing number of these events include, Red Bull Flugtag, WHYY Connections Festival,

XPoNential Music Festival, Freedom Festival, and the NYE fireworks.

Respondents should be interested in partnering with the Camden Waterfront to take advantage

of this lucrative opportunity. There is a growing demand during lunch hours to offer more culinary

diversity in the Downtown. Once vendors have been selected, they must provide proof of all

necessary permitting and licensing required to vend in the City of Camden and should be able to

indemnify the Parking Authority of Camden City on their insurance policy (see Appendix for a

complete list of required documentation and parties to be indemnified).


Mobile Truck Vending Details

The mobile truck-vending season on The Camden Waterfront will begin on Tuesday, April 8th and

last until Tuesday, September 23rd.

Vending will take place weekly, on Tuesday, from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm. Respondents will be chosen

based on the application and availability. Respondents must commit to vending for one month.

Depending on availability, respondents may be chosen to vend for more than one month.

There will be no cancellation of vending days due to inclement weather; vendors are

encouraged to vend in all conditions and fees will not be refunded should they choose not to

show up. While we will secure your truck a spot in lot 7, it is important to note that no additional

parking for cars will be provided for the vendors. Vendors may pay to park their personal vehicles

in one of the many lots or garages along the Waterfront.

Vending Location

Lot 7 is the main waterfront parking lot, located directly across from Adventure Aquarium and

Fountain Park, the two most heavily trafficked areas on the Waterfront. The location is highly visible

for waterfront patrons and employees. The Parking Authority of Camden City will also provide

signage along the sidewalks and at the parking garages to promote the trucks. The Parking

Authority will also launch a full marketing campaign in the beginning of April to help market and

promote the trucks to local employers and residential buildings.

The parking spaces are easily accessible to guests and there are two points of ingress and egress

near the trucks. Most visitors tend to sit and eat in Fountain Park, a County park – located directly

down Market Street - or along the promenade.

Tuesday Waterfront Vending Location

Starting: April 8, 2014

Ending: September 23, 2014




The Vendors

Selected vendors will be assigned a spot to vend in a reserved parking space in lot 7. Parking

Authority lot attendants will be made aware of the vending schedule and will allow you to pull

into the spot up to 30 minutes early.

Preference will be given to food truck respondents who offer high-quality, affordable, diverse, and

sustainable food options, especially those that are fitting to the site, location, and lunchtime slot.

Respondents with a demonstrated history of providing exceptional service will also be prioritized.


The Cost

Vendors will be asked to pay a $20 per Tuesday for one month, in advance, of the first vending

date. This payment guarantees you one month of vending on the Camden Waterfront for the

summer season.

Vendors must also secure the necessary permits and inspections from the City of Camden prior to

vending on the Waterfront. Proof of valid permits must be submitted to the Parking Authority of

Camden City at least 5 days prior to vending.


Waterfront Vending

Please note that this proposal is for Waterfront vending only. Completed RFPs should be

emailed or faxed to the contact below by 4PM on March 21, 2014. Applications received after

4PM on March 21st will not be considered.

If you have any questions or need more information,

please contact:

Trent Middleton

Director of Operations

Parking Authority of the City of Camden

E: tmiddleton@camdenparking.net

O 856.757.9300

C: 856.938.7180

F 856.964.9317

Click here to get the application.


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