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Call for Food Vendors on the Camden Waterfront

05/02/2013 - 9:00am


Call for Food Trucks

Food Truck Fridays on the Camden Waterfront

Summer 2013

Food Truck Fridays on the Camden Waterfront

Food Truck Vending on The Camden Waterfront will begin on Friday, May 24th and last until September 6th. All vendors must be contracted with the City of Camden Parking Authority. The application and approval process is attached.

There will be one vending day, 10:30 am- 2:30 pm every Friday.  With the exception of Wawa Welcome America week, all mobile food truck vending will take place in parking lot 7. Rules and regulations differ for Wawa Welcome America.

Respondents will be selected to vend on Friday and must commit to a minimum of two Fridays.  There may be the option to vend for more dates, including weekends, depending on the number of respondents.

A food truck is defined as a licensed, self-contained, motorized vehicle which is temporarily stored on a privately-owned lot where food items are sold to the general public.

Request for Proposals

Camden Waterfront is issuing a request to secure mobile food trucks that provide unique, high-quality, and sustainable food options, as requested by Waterfront patrons. Selected vendors will be asked to vend for at least two Food Truck Friday’s along the Camden Waterfront.

Respondents must return this proposal with all required documentation via email by 4:00 pm on May 17, 2013 to Willie Hunter at whunter@camdenparking.net.

Camden Waterfront

Downtown Camden attracts a diverse mix of students, residents and employees to its schools, businesses, and Waterfront each year. Downtown Camden is home to Rutgers, Rowan, Camden County College and the new Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, educating over 11,000 students. In addition to its flourishing education and private-sector institutions, a variety of special events and attractions that draw visitors and residents to the Camden Waterfront. Last year, over 3 million people visited The Waterfront for concerts, special events and year-round attractions. With an exciting summer schedule already organized for 2013, the coming months promise to draw record crowds to the Downtown and Waterfront.

In addition to working closely with all Camden Waterfront partners, the Camden Waterfront works closely with the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, in Philadelphia, to partner on events that bring people to both sides of the river. Partner events are branded as Two Cities. One Waterfront. A growing number of these events include, Red Bull Flugtag, WHYY Connections Festival, XPoNential Music Festival, and both the 4th of July and NYE fireworks.

Over the past few years, CamdenWaterfront.com and Waterfront partners have collecting data about visitor experience. The number one priority visitors, employees, and residents have requested more and better access to quality food options. Respondents should be interested in partnering with the Camden Waterfront to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity. There is a growing demand at special events, and during lunch hours to offer more culinary diversity in the Downtown. Once vendors have been selected, they must provide proof of all necessary permitting and licensing required to vend in the City of Camden and should be able to indemnify the City of Camden Parking Authority on their insurance policy (see Appendix for a complete list of required documentation and parties to be indemnified).

For more information, visit CamdenWaterfront.com.

Mobile Truck Vending Details

The mobile truck vending season on The Camden Waterfront will begin on Friday, May 24, 2013 and last until Friday, September 6, 2013. With the exception of Wawa Welcome America week, all mobile food truck vending will take place in parking lot 7. Rules and regulations differ for Wawa Welcome America. Please inquire if you are interested in vending for the Wawa Welcome America Festival Week in Camden.

There will be vending every Friday, from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm. Respondents will be selected to vend on Friday and must commit to a minimum of two Fridays.  There may be the option to vend for more dates depending on the number of respondents.

There will be no cancellation of vending days due to inclement weather; vendors are encouraged to vend in all conditions and fees will not be refunded should they choose not to show up. While we will secure your truck a spot in lot 7, it is important to note that no additional parking for cars will be provided for the vendors. Vendors may pay to park their personal vehicles in one of the many lots or garages along the Waterfront.

Vending Locations

Lot 7 is the main waterfront parking lot, conveniently located directly across from Adventure Aquarium and Fountain Park, the two most heavily trafficked attractions on the Waterfront. The location is highly visible for waterfront patrons and Camden Waterfront will provide signage to promote the trucks, along the sidewalk.

The parking spaces are easily accessible to guests and there are two points of ingress and egress near the trucks. Most visitors tend to sit and eat in Fountain Park, the County Park – located directly down Market Street - or along the promenade.

The Vendors

Selected vendors will be assigned a spot to vend. The Camden Waterfront has seven (7) available parking lot spaces in parking lot 7 on the Camden Waterfront. Parking Authority lot attendants will be made aware of the vending schedule and will allow you to pull into the spot up to 30 minutes early.

Preference will be given to food truck respondents who offer high-quality, affordable, diverse, and sustainable food options, especially those that are fitting to the site, location, and lunch-time slot. Respondents with a demonstrated history of providing exceptional service will also be prioritized.  

The Cost

Vendors will be asked to pay a $60 ($30 per day) upfront concession fee, which guarantees you at least two days of vending on the Camden Waterfront for the summer for Food Truck Friday. This must be paid upon receiving notification of your selection. If you are interested and offered the opportunity to vend for more than two days, each additional day is $30.

Vendors must also secure the necessary permits and inspections from the City of Camden prior to vending on the Waterfront. Proof of valid permits must be submitted to Camden City Parking Authority at least 5 days prior to vending.

Summer Vending

Please note that this proposal is for Food Truck Fridays only. If you have interest in vending during special events that are outside the hours and dates stated above, please contact Willie Hunter at the City of Camden Parking Authority whunter@camdenparking.net. Additional vending will be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, if you wish to vend during Wawa Welcome America, vendors must indicate their interest in their application below and will be contacted by an Aquarium or Parking Authority representative.

The Vending Application continues below. Please copy and paste this application into a word document to complete it.

Respondent Information

To submit an application for mobile vending at The Camden Waterfront, respondents must complete this application, including all required attachments and return it by 4:00pm, Friday May 17, 2013 via email to Willie Hunter at whunter@camdenparking.net

Owner Name

Business Name

Street Name

City, Zip

Primary Contact Phone Number

Email Address

Business Website

Business Social Media


Are you interested in vending during Wawa Welcome America from June 28th-July 7th?  _______YES   ________NO

Food Truck Information

Please attached the following items and information:

·         Food Truck menu with prices

·         Two photos of the Food Truck from different angels

·         Proof of respondents business and address

·         Please submit an electronic copy of your logo to whunter@camdenparking.net.

Vending Schedule

Please rank your vending availability on the dates below in the order of preference (1 being top preference).

5/24 _____

5/31 _____

6/7 _____

6/14 _____

6/21 _____

6/28 _____

7/5 _____

7/12 ____

7/19 ____

7/26 ____

8/2 _____

8/9 ____

8/16 ____

8/23 ____

8/30 ____

9/6 ____



Use the space below to briefly highlight your food truck success (e.g. events, employees, what makes your product appealing to customers, etc.)

By signing below, the respondent confirms that they have read and agreed to comply with all terms and conditions of the RFP for Camden Waterfront Food Truck Fridays. In addition, the respondent agrees to pay the Camden City Parking Authority $60 upfront and $30 for each additional day of vending.

Signature of food truck owner: _______________________

Date: ____________________


Reservation of Rights and Mandatory Conduct

The Camden Waterfront and Camden City Parking Authority reserve the right to reject any respondent’s proposal on the basis that it is incomplete, does not satisfy the qualifications set forth in this document, or is otherwise not in the best interest of improving high-quality visitor experience along the Waterfront.


The Camden Waterfront and Camden City Parking Authority also reserve the right to discontinue vendors’ participation in the Food Truck Friday program along the Waterfront at its own discretion. Should any of the following standards not be met a vendor’s participation in the program may be discontinued:


A.    Food Safety

All vendors must have at least one employee present who obtained a formal Food Safety Certificate from the Camden County Department of Public Health.


B.    Inspection & Permitting

Vendors may be subject to random inspections from Camden License & Inspections and should act professionally and allow the inspector to conduct his or her inspection.


Vendors must obtain and have present all necessary Camden City vending permits. See Appendix for requirements.


C.    Truck Upkeep

In addition to meeting the Camden County Department of Public Health, all vendors must maintain a clean and safe facility at all times and the following standards should be met:

·         Trucks should not have any potentially hazardous leaks or emit any unusual or noxious gases

·         Trucks operating as free-standing vehicles should be inspected to satisfy all Department of Motor Vehicles and transportation related laws and regulations.

·         Vendors may not leave trash or trash bags in any of the Waterfront receptacles after vending.

Vendors must return all vending locations to original state upon leaving. Vendors will be fined if locations are not left clean or in good order.


D.   Vendor Behavior

All vendors must act professionally to each other at all times. Beyond maintaining an appropriate level of professional courtesy, vendors must:

·         Only vend in their assigned location.

·         Do no harm to or seek to negatively impact the business of fellow vendors.

·         Not use social media or either marketing sources to disparage other vendors.

·         Vendors are prohibited from heckling or yelling at patrons to increase business.


E.    Insurance

All vendors should obtain proper insurance for their businesses. Such insurance coverage may include:

·         Commercial Liability Compensation Insurance

·         Employment/Workers’ Compensation Insurance

·         Fire Insurance

·         Automobile Insurance




Licensing and Insurance Requirements

The following list of licenses, permits, and regulations for the conveniences of potential respondents to the RFP. It is not a guarantee that this list is complete. Additional licenses, permits, and regulations may apply. It is recommended that a respondent confer with a private attorney to ensure the respondent complies with all Applicable Laws, including licensing and permitting requirements.

1.       Signed agreement between vendor and Camden City Parking Authority acknowledging their 2013 Food Truck Friday summer schedule in Lot 7.

2.      Proper certification, permits, and licenses to operate and sell food on The Camden Waterfront. Applications attached. Take a copy of the signed agreement to:


Camden City License & Inspections:

520 Market Street

City Hall, Room 220

PO Box 95120

Camden, NJ 08101

Phone: 856-757-9131

Fax: 856-342-9168


·         Licensing Fee and Photo Badge (must be renewed yearly): $179.40

·         Administrative Regulation Charge (if you would like to get a yearly vending permit): $414

·         Special Event permit (to be renewed after each use): $69


Camden County:

Camden County Division of Environmental Health and Consumer Services

512 Lakeland Road

Blackwood, NJ 08102

Phone: 856-374-6052

Fax: 856-374-6211


·         Camden County Health and Human Services Evaluation Certificated (must be renewed yearly): $50

3.      Once selected, vendors shall, at their sole cost and expense, obtain and maintain the types and minimum limits of insurance coverage specified below. The Vendor shall produce all the required insurance from reputable insurers who are acceptable to the City and authorized to do business in the City of Camden. The vendor shall also provide at least 30 days prior notice to the Camden City Parking Authority in the event coverage is materially changed, cancelled, or non-renewed. The vendor shall cause all insurance required below to be written on an “occurrence” basis and not a “claims made” basis.

A.     Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability

B.     Commercial General Liability Insurance

C.     Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance

D.    The Vendor shall cause Camden City Parking Authority, City of Camden, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, Economic Development Authority to be named as additional insured on the General Liability policy.


Agreement – Camden City Parking Authority

Vendors can sell in lot 7 once all licensing requirements, as described above, and  vending location documentations by the City of Camden Parking Authority has been finalized and awarded.


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