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Crazy contraption crashing competition to return

July 10, 2012|By Peter Mucha, Inquirer Staff Writer
Red Bull's crazy Flugtag is coming back to the Delaware waterfront, scheduled for takeoffs from the Camden side on Sept. 15.

Basically, competitors assemble wildly decorated vehicles that soar - momentarily - then plunge to their doom in the river, much to the delight of crowds packed along its banks.

The deadline for entering a human-powered aircraft - dare-craft? -- is Friday, at www.redbullflugtagusa.com.

Thirty-two vehicles took part in the first such Camden-Philly event on Labor Day Weekend 2010, which drew 85,000 spectators, according to Red Bull.

First place, based on creativity and showmanship as well as hang time, was awarded to the Giant Flying Llama team for a leaping baseball hat. The Liberty Bell, a Christmas cartoon monster, a flying clock, crash test dummies and a dodo bird were also part of the procession of devices that flew or flipped then flopped.

Chicago will host this year's first Flugtag, Sept. 8. Miami and San Francisco will have theirs in November.

Last year, Tampa, Fla., hosted the only Flugtag, which means "Flying Day" in German.

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For more, go to www.redbullflugtagusa.com.

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