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DVRPC Name Our Trail Network Contest: DEADLINE EXTENDED!!!

Greater Philadelphia's developing system of trails has energized communities across the region, with each new segment connecting more neighborhoods and residents. This network - which includes the Schuylkill River Trail, Cooper River Trail, East Coast Greenway and several others - represents a potential world-class amenity, reaching from the heart of downtown Philly and Camden into the surrounding counties and communities.

The trail system needs a unifying name to increase its visibility and reinforce the connections that exist between neighborhoods, businesses, jobs and recreation opportunities across the region without relying on a car. The William Penn Foundation and a group of local partners have organized a contest to create this important identity.   

Help us name Greater Philadelphia's trail network, you could win $250 - and the pride of knowing you named one of our region's coolest amenities! Entries must be received no later than midnight EST on December 16, 2011. Please visit www.dvrpc.org/NameOurTrailNetwork/ for important judging criteria, additional information, trail system name examples and complete contest rules.

DEADLINE EXTENDED:  Wednesday, December 21 @ Midnight!

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