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Looking to Catch Some "Rays" this Summer?

cownose ray widmanCamden, NJ - Officials at Adventure Aquarium on the Camden NJ Waterfront announced today that they will be unveiling the Aquarium’s brand new “Touch” exhibit this Summer 2010: The all new Stingray Beach Club, a tropical beach paradise right here in New Jersey!

Beginning on June 18, Adventure Aquarium guests will be invited to step inside the all new Stingray Beach Club, where it’s always warm and sunny and even though you’re inside, it feels bright and airy like you’ve been transported to a tropical island oasis. Fluffy clouds, palm trees and waterfalls surround guests as they are invited to dip their hands into the warm waters to touch and hand-feed an array of beautiful stingrays. A few lucky guests will even get the chance to “wade-in” with the gentle creatures of Stingray Beach Club for up-close stingray experiences daily. Relax, kick back and make yourself comfortable. We’ve taken care of everything!

“Stingray Beach Club is a result of years of guest research suggesting that our visitors want to continue to get ‘beyond-the-glass’,” said Adventure Aquarium’s Executive Director, Greg Charbeneau. “Not only do the children learn more through personal interaction, these up-close animal experiences create memories worth repeating for our guests. This particular project has been two years in the making and is the first project that we have completed from start to finish with the wonderful creative team from our parent company, Herschend Family Entertainment. The result,” continued Charbeneau, “is a highly interactive, family focused, world-class, one-of-a-kind animal experience that we are so grateful to share with our guests." From the moment Adventure Aquarium’s guest’s step inside the new Stingray Beach Club exhibit, they’ll feel the beauty of the islands coming to life before their very eyes. Bright open spaces, thatched roof structures, palm trees, a sand castle – its all part of the experience! Guests of Stingray Beach Club are invited to dip their hands into the warm waters of a massive stingray touch pool to experience what it feels like to touch some larger stingray species, like Cownose Rays, known for their adorable, cow-like faces, or Leopard Whiprays, which don striking leopard patterns on their backs. Don’t worry moms and dads…Adventure Aquarium also included a touch pool for its little explorers, featuring smaller stingrays, a lower wall height, and even clear acrylic walls for easy viewing of the stingrays from both above and below the water’s surface.

Not only can guests touch the graceful, gentle residents of Stingray Beach Club, they can hand-feed them too! Feeding opportunities will be offered daily at Stingray Beach Club, At select times throughout the day, Adventure Aquarium guests will be able to purchase cup of fish ($3 each) so that they can hand-feed the stingrays. Experience the friendly slaps of the rays’ fins on the water and feel the gentle “kisses” on your hand as these curious creatures approach to feed. In addition to hand-feeding opportunities, a few lucky guests will be invited by an Adventure Aquarium biologist to kick off their shoes to actually wade in the clear water of Stingray Beach for an up-close stingray encounter!

For the younger adventurers, Adventure Aquarium’s design team incorporated Sand Castle Island, an interactive play area located within Stingray Beach Club that features a moat, a drawbridge, a water wheel, and yes, even a castle…well, a sand castle! While the kids will be amazed by the grandeur of this 13-foot tall sand castle, the height at Sand Castle Island is actually just right for Adventure Aquarium’s smallest explorers. Kid-friendly elements like soft floors, interactive water play and floating toy stingrays will have the kids jumping for joy, while the “little extras” like a working waterfall and comfortable seating create a quite ambiance that will give mom and dad a chance to kick back and watch their children’s minds and hands at work.

The water is always warm, the sun is always shinning and the sound of children’s laughter is never far off. Spend some time relaxing with us in Adventure Aquarium’s all new Stingray Beach Club...open to the pubic starting June 18, 2010!


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