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New Regional Trail System Named "The Circuit"

The Circuit, Greater Philadelphia's Regional Trail Network, will bring you from jaguars to jellyfish as the 8.3 mile, 50-minute trail loop connects the Philadelphia Zoo to the Adventure Aquarium. 

Riding on The Circuit connects you to places near and far, plugging you into trail systems that extend to Reading or the Shore, and to the East Coast Greenway -- a green highway linking Philadelphia north through New York City to Calais, Maine and south through Washington, DC to Key West, Florida.

When the 750 miles of The Circuit are connected, Greater Philadelphia will have a trail network unlike any other in the country -- connecting the urban, suburban and rural communities of the fifth largest metropolitan region in the US. The Circuit will make our region stronger by providing a place for healthy transportation and recreation, connecting our communities to greenspace, and making our neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work.

Learn more at www.ConnectTheCircuit.org!


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