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New twists for New Years Day on Display

senewyearzThere were fireworks, Mummers, and loads of good cheer despite the cold.

Given that was all packed into a 30-minute news conference within the City Hall Courtyard on Friday, imagine what the extended version will look like as the year turns Jan. 1.

The New Year's highlights, as presented by city officials, include a refigured route for the Mummers Parade and two sets of fireworks on New Year's Eve - one early, one late - to accommodate the varying schedules of the region's revelers.

"There is no better place to spend the New Year than in Philadelphia," said Mayor Nutter, who shared the news conference with Camden Mayor Dana Redd and a quartet of Mummers, who provided a musical backdrop.

Redd, noting the fireworks can be seen from both sides of the Delaware River, said Camden was "thrilled to celebrate another New Year's Eve with its sister city."

The fireworks, sponsored by SugarHouse Casino, will light up the skies first at 6 p.m. and then at the more traditional time of midnight.

The highlight of New Year's Day, of course, will be the Mummers Parade, a tradition that dates back centuries.

This year, however, the route has been changed in an effort to breathe a bit more life into what had become a rather moribund event for many parade-watchers.
Mummers new routeWEb


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