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Philly.com Reports: Enjoying Camden's waterfront

Perceptions of Camden are sometimes worse than the realities. But perceptions can shift, say organizers of Saturday's Fall Festival at the Camden Children's Garden. "Come see our waterfront, our magical Children's Garden...and all the great things doing on in our city," says Andrew Adams, public relations coordinator with the District Council Collaborative Board, which builds relationships between law enforcement and the community. The DCCB is hosting the  "pay what you wish" event from 1 to 4 PM as part of its campaign to boost the quality of life for local children. The festivities will include free entertainment, arts, crafts, and other activities. "Having positive activities in the community sends a strong message," Adams says. "We want people to know that there are great things happening here...public safety has improved, and I think this event helps exemplify that."   --KEVIN RIORDAN
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