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The Courier Post Reports: Red Bull Flugtag returns to the Camden, Philadelphia waterfronts this summer

Many don’t know what Flugtag means.

Some spectators might not even know what had seen.

But there are at least a couple things that are certain: it’s fun and it’s back.

After a two-year hiatus, the Red Bull Flugtag returns to the Camden and Philadelphia waterfronts this summer, encouraging teams of daring innovators to craft their own human-powered flying machines and freefall 30 feet into the Delaware River to the cheers of thousands.

Participants interested in entering the Sept. 15 event must register through www.redbullglugtagusa.com by June 15 for a chance to go airborne.

Flugtag, which means “Flying Day” in German, challenges contestants to engineer, build and pilot their homemade aircraft off a 30-foot ramp. Judges will consider distance flown before submerging in the Delaware River, showmanship and creativity.

Philadelphia has paraded many gnarly floats into the river, including replicas of the Popemobile, Santa’s sleigh and the time-traveling telephone booth of “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

In addition to being human-powered, all vessels must be less than 30 feet wide and 450 pounds, including the pilot.

The Philadelphia Flugtag will be the second of four events in America this summer. More than 100 takeoffs have occurred since the maiden Flugtag in Vienna in 1991. Applications and directions are available on the website. The time for the Philadelphia Flugtag has not been announced.

-- Steve Wood

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